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There are so many wonderful links and resources available for small business start ups.  The key, however, is finding the time to sort through all that is available, and then figuring out what is or is not useful.

To that end, we have done all the work for you.  Here, you will find a treasure trove of small business start up nuggets that we have thoroughly researched, read, seen, and listened to ourselves.  What you see before you represents the best of the best.

Explore with confidence--we've got your back! 


Reading Room

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Books are a very special part of my life.  I read widely, and am particular both about the quality of the books I read and also of their usefulness.  It is quite common for me to have three or four books lying around the house and going at the same time--some just started, others half finished.  I read in the bathroom, on the couch, on vacation with me at the sea shore, and by my bedside to read at night.

In the reading room, you will find a collection of books related to successful small business start ups that I think will be of great value to you.  I have read every book here listed, and have found each one to be particularly insightful and applicable.  

Of course, not everything I have read is listed here, only the really meaningful ones on business.  Though, if you don't see a book listed that you have read and found to be of great value to you, please click this link and tell me about it.  I'll review it for consideration and maybe add it at a later time. 

Happy reading!

Abundance, Prosperity & Wealth
Many people mistakenly think that achieving financial freedom and creating wealth are about how much money they have in the bank or big item things they have purchased. In this portion of our reading room, you will find books by authors who understand that achieving financial freedom and creating wealth is an inside job. Our outward manifestations are a reflection of our inner money mindset. If the mindset is low, the manifestation will be meager. If the mindset is high, the road is paved for prosperity, abundance and and wealth. I have read all these book and applied them to my life, so I can vouch for their techniques and success rate.

Attraction Marketing
Do you want to have the edge in today's competitive small business “click” marketing world? Then listen up: the old style shotgun approach to marketing is out. Laser-focused attraction marketing is in. Here are some great books that I have read on that subject.

Small Business Ideas
Small Businesses are the wave of the future. One way you can ride that wave is to stay current with the leading-edge ideas and solutions that will give your successful start up business acumen and professional savvy. This section of the reading room is full of useful ideas to help you along your way.

Time Management
Time and how to manage time, can be one of the biggest bug-a-boos for new business owners. When you are first starting up your business, it seems like there is an endless amount of things to do and that 24 hours in a day is not enough to get it all done. Here are some books that will come to your rescue.

Transitions are at the heart of all we do. Though no matter how many times we transition from one thing to another, it's always that in-between space, when we haven't quite arrived and we can't go back either, that is the most difficult. The books in this portion of the reading room will help you keep your sanity while in the midst of a transition, and be a beacon of hope for what is to come.

Web Site, Blog & Podcast Development
Web sites, blogs and podcast sites are hip-n-happenin' bed fellows. They are the perfect companions for a comprehensive Internet presence, and should be taken quite seriously for the up-n-comin' successful small business owner. I found these books to be insightful, helpful, and easily understandable.

Start-Up Resources

Picture of treasure chest with goodies inside

The Internet is a wonderful tool. With one click you can be transported to anywhere in the world to research and read about any topic that interests you.

Sometimes, though, the choices seem overwhelming. That's why we've put together a collection of small business start-up links to get you going and pointed in the right direction. These links will assist you in starting up and launching your successful small business.

Mega Sites
One stop resource shopping for the busy entrepreneurial woman who wants a variety of resources at her finger tips.

Net Working
Everybody talks about how important networking is to small businesses starting up. Though, it is more important to network strategically, to the groups and networks of people who are most closely tied to your niche market, then it is to just get out there and mingle. These resources are a great place to start.

Specific To Women
Here you will find a variety of sites that are specific to women--like the name says. These resources are either women owned, women run, or targeting directly to women.

Tricks Of The Trade
Different entrepreneurial women need different resources. While one may need a virtual assistant, another may need to research trade marks. Here is a plethora of tricks-of-the-trade resources for the small business start up woman.

Affiliate Program Links

oicture of hands shaking in front of a globe

Affiliate links make it easy for you to connect with the products and services that we recommend.

Below you will find a list of affiliates that we link to directly from our web site that we ourselves use.  We have found them to offer high quality services, and streamlined solutions for small business start ups.  In addition, these products and services have provided a lot of bang-for-the-buck, and have enough creative flexibility to allow for personal branding.  Best of all, they are fun and easy to use.     

If you decide to use any of our affiliate programs, we would appreciate you signing-up for them through these web links so we can get a little kick-back for recommending you to them. 



Business Made Easy
Here are some wonderful products that will shave hours off your day and streamline your productivity while enhancing your relationships with your customers and clients. I use these products on a regular basis and wouldn't want to do so without them!

Prosperity & Wealth
Here are some fun and alternative affiliate programs that you might enjoy in your quest to increase prosperity, become more abundant, and create wealth.

Shopping Cart & Merchant Account
Getting the right shopping cart and merchant account can make all the difference between a smooth and successful transation and one that is botched. Between a happy customer and a disgruntled one. Between a sale and a no sale. Here is the shopping cart and merchant account that we use at Alkamae.

Web Presence Development
If your business is an Internet based business, then you understand the importance of building a strong web presence and saturating your niche market with your products and sevices. You want your niche to think of you first, when they need a solution. Here are the affiliate programs that we use and recommend. They have been invaluable for starting our business and know you will find them helpful too.

Personal Development

Picture of lotus flower in hands

One of the most valuable benefits of the small business start up process is that you will get to know yourself more deeply.

By becoming your own boss and running your own show, there will be a tremendous growth spurt as you step to the plate and take control of your entrepreneur reigns.  To help you along your way of self-discovery and growth, we've put together a collection of personal development links that you might find of interest to check out and explore.  Of course, this is a limited link section, and there are many links that we haven't included.  However, if you come across a link that you think would be particularly advantageous to personal growth and development for entrepreneurial women starting their own businesses, please click here and let us know.

Take a look at these insight and discovery resource links.


Abundance, Prosperity & Wealth
Here are some fun ways for you to increase your prosperity, become more abundant, and create wealth.

Career Change
If you are in your 40s or 50s, starting up a business for the very first time, it is likely that this start up represents a fascinating career change in your life. Check out these career change resources.

Skills & Abilities
There are so many resource links to personality inventories, personal style assessments and other sources that offer you insight into your innate skills and abilities. Here is a short list of resource links that we have found valuable in working with entrepreneurial women.

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