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Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.
óJoseph Campbell

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This book is filled with the kind of inspiration entrepreneurs search for, day after day. Not a mere How-to book, “Discovering Your Inner Samurai” will help you focus your energy inward - to find that  sense of ‘awe’ which led you to exploring the world of being an entrepreneur in the first place. After reading this book, you will hear the voice of your Inner Samurai guiding you to greater success, with confidence and self-assuredness. You’ll want to read it over and over again and you will reach your goals.

Jordan Adler
Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Top Money Earner
Jerome, AZ

Engaging! Enlightening! Empowering! In Discovering Your Inner Samurai, Susan L. Reid shares refreshing ideas about a variety of topics that are critical to your business success whether you are an entrepreneur by surprise or by design. Her delightful real life stories illustrate how just a slight shift in how you see yourself, your business, and your life can catapult you into a new level success that is grounded and true to who you are deep in your core. 

Carol McClelland, PhD
Transition Dynamics Enterprises, Inc.
Menlo Park, CA
Author of Your Dream Career for Dummies and The Seasons of Change

Business is first and foremost about people.  Customers, employees, and investors are people...and so are you.  There are thousands of books about the strategies and mechanics of business, this book is about you, the entrepreneur/business owner . . . and helping you understand you!  The secret to your success is knowing who you are, and what you do with you!  This book is a must read for all entrepreneurs!

Jim Horan
Author of best-selling book series, The One Page Business Plan (for Creative Entrepreneurs, Non-Profits, Professional Consultants, Financial Services)
Berkeley, CA

Amazing, inspiring, insightful, and moving!  Like a conversation with a wise and passionate friend, Susan’s words will energize you to “think outside of the box,” to listen to and trust your own inner truth, and to find courage and companionship in the journey of other women. Begin to imagine that the creation of your business will be more glorious than the expected and desired outcome and Susan will inspire you through the process!

Robin Lipke, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
Lame Deer, MT

I couldn’t stop reading . . . I was drawn in first by one thread of thought and then another and another as a fabric of deeper self-understanding wove itself into my beliefs and challenges as a woman, a solo-preneur and a life coach. This book is full of powerful truths, sage wisdom, effortless empowerment, and passion.

Jina Daigle MS, LPC
Consultant, Trainer and Coach
Owner and Founder of Creative Team Solutions and Creative Life Solutions
Dallas, TX

Glorious! Susan has put together a guide to personal and professional ass-kicking (even if the ass that really needs kicked is your own). A power-shot of business wisdom to catapult your success!

Andy Wibbels
Author of Blogwild: A Guide to Small Business Blogging
Chicago, IL

Susan L. Reid’s book beautifully displays the synthesis that Susan, the epitome of a polymath, has attained in her own life. Through the words the reader can go through the recesses of Susan’s very being, and through her vulnerability we begin to expose our own, realizing the inner strength we have in that honesty. Her inner voice speaks to us, until we begin to hear our own inner voice womaning along with Susan. Although the book focuses on entrepreneurship, the reader needn’t be starting a business; we can all learn the secrets of the accidental pren-her as we take stock of our working lives. Susan L. Reid has captured the following: "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go and do it. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive." (attributed to Howard Thurman)

Susan L. Wiesner PhD
Dance Scholar and Digital Humanist
University of Virginia Library
Charlottesville VA

On the cutting edge! There are many books available with practical guidelines for business startups that are now incorporating emotional and psychological factors . . . Suze Orman, for instance.  However, Susan’s book is the cutting edge of a new paradigm of business manuals. It’s the first business book I’ve seen to incorporate the spiritual along with the practical, emotional, and mental factors.  It’s "The Secret" for business.

Muzetta Swann
Founder and President of Willow Oak Center for Arts & Learning at Robertson County
Springfield, TN

Meow meow meooow meow meow . . . Thank god the damn book is done!

Feline Inner Samurai Extraordinaire
Author of The Way of the Cat

"Discovering Your Inner Samurai" is at once informative, wise, inspirational, engagingly readable, and filled with warm humor. This book offers a road map to harnessing the power of your inner wisdom as the key to realizing your most treasured dreams and, like Dorothy traveling the yellow brick road to Oz, you discover that whatever you are seeking "over the rainbow" is always "in your own back yard." What a comforting message.

Max Wellspring
Life and Business Coach
Certified Prosperity Partnership Guide and Emotional Freedom Facilitator
Author of the soon to be released Love Your Body, Love Your Life, The Power of Trust, The Receiving Journal...Activating The Universal Law of Allowing e-Books and Heart Health Meditations CD
The Wellspring Solution
Los Angeles, CA

Relevant and empowering for those beyond the Accidental Preneur! "Discovering your Inner Samurai" is a book that challenges and empowers women to be their authentic selves. Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, this book will resonates with anyone searching for their personal identity and desiring to connect to their Inner Samurai!

Sonya Gabrielle Baker, DM
Associate Professor of Music and Professional Singer
Murray, KY

"Discovering Your Inner Samurai" is an excellent resource for the unfolding of your entrepreneurial spirit. It takes you through the journey of the author's "awakening" and road to success and gives you a road map that illuminates the sign posts and hidden crossroads that you will find along your path. The key to success is more an inner path than simply an action path. This book helps you understand and heed your inner knowings, making the path sweeter and smoothing out some of the bumps in the road.

BZ Riger
Author, success mind set coach, creative entrepreneur
President, Enlightened Wealthy Women Inc.
Austin, TX
Author of The Soul of Success and the Web Success Wizard

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