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Start-up business coach Susan L Reid

Ready to start a home-based business?

In 2004, I had a spiritual awakening that rocked my world, flipped me inside out and upside down. Quickly there after, I resigned my academic post. Then, my mother unexpectedly passed away, my boyfriend split, and my father passed away. Except for the house I lived in and the cat I lived with, all else had changed. Everything . . . spiritual, financial, relational, emotional, physical, and mental went through an intense and powerful alchemical process.

Since 2004, I have made it my mission to help spiritually conscious  women start up and run their own business confidently, effectively, and fully aligned with their deepest inner principles.Together, we'll identify those fears, doubts, and worries that are thwarting your success, and help you turn your passion into sustainable profit.

I know, first-hand, what it takes to move on from tremendous upheaval. And I'm standing proof that it can be done.

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Picture of women taking an on-line class

I love learning new things. Don't you?

If you are an entrepreneurial women, then I bet your middle name is learning. There are so many things to figure out and learn when starting up a business, and what better way to do that then in the privacy of your own home . . . anytime . . . anywhere.

Internet-based classes are the perfect way for the entrepreneurial woman to develop the skills she needs to run a successful small business. Take a look at the helpful and informative classes we offer. 

Happy learning!

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