Creating a vision and mission statement for your small business makes the difference between owning a business and watching it limp along; to owning an exceptional business and watching it grow!

There’s a ton of hype out there about the importance of branding, positioning, and promotion.  And just about everyone is in agreement with just how important it really is to have a vision statement and mission statement for your business.  Though, most people are either providing a one-size-fits-all template for you to download from their website, or wanting to charge you upwards of $20,000 for their branding company to brand you.  Now that’s just crazy!

So what’s the big deal about having a vision and mission statement?

Articulating a vision and mission for your business is one of the best things you can do to ensure its growth.

Vision and mission statements convey the core beliefs and values of your business, and give your business a template of purpose that can be used to initiate, evaluate, and refine all your business activities. 

They are a part of every small business plan, and can guide your company through thick and thin.

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You Know You Need A Vision And Mission Statement For Your Business Though Don't Know Where To Start

There is a lot to learn.  Lots of pitfalls to avoid.  Lots of ways to mess up.  What you really need is:

  • A quick-start guide to tell you the history behind branding, positioning, and promotion, where we are today with it, and how to get started.
  • An overview of exactly what the difference is between a vision statement and a mission statement.
  • A complete guide to writing your vision and mission statements that hits-the-nail-on-the-head regarding what your business is all about, and creates a strong attraction marketing factor for your niche market.
  • Access to feedback and support while writing your vision and mission statements in order to fine-tune your statements.

Say “Hello” To Success Small Business Start Up Series Bootcamp I

I’ve got you covered with a comprehensive teleseminar on how to hit the bull’s-eye with well written vision and mission statements that will position and promote your company from the inside out.

Why Clients Love Working With Me

“Working with Susan has been inspirational, adventurous, extraordinary, and simply mind-blowing.”  

Ruby Dosen, Owner of Center For Bold Creations, San Jose, CA

"Working with Susan is great, especially if you are considering a new business or expanded business direction."

Jane Merritt, Marketing Communications Consultant, Boston, MA


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A Simple Solution For Creating Your Vision And Mission Statements Quickly And Inexpensively

Imagine creating a vision and mission statement for your company with nothing more than a piece of paper and a pen, or, if you prefer, your laptop and a word document.  No fancy gadgets, expensive long-term branding contracts with branding companies.  Just you, your thoughts, and a little creativity.

You Will Create A Vision And Mission Statement During This Course!

I just needed to be really clear about that.  There’s nothing that frustrates me more than signing-up for a teleseminar that is all concept and theory with no concrete, tangible outcome.  You will finish this course with your own personalized, bull’s-eyed, tweaked to perfection, promotable, positionable, vision and mission statements for your company.

Course Syllabus And Outline

Week #1:  Vision And Mission Statement Basics
  • A brief history of branding, the 5 P’s of marketing, and how they fit into today’s marketing trends.
  • What makes a vision and mission statement great, and how you can spot the difference a mile away.
  • How bull’s-eye vision and mission statements work, allowing you to attract your perfect marketing niche, and helping them find you.
  • The four main ingredients to creating a bull’s-eye vision and mission statement, and the way to get started. 
Week #2:  The Vision Statement
  • What is the main difference between a vision and mission statement, and the 3 main pitfalls to avoid when writing a great vision statement.
  • Who’s on first, what’s on second, and you better know ‘I don’t know’ on third.
  • How to write a vision statement that is captivating, innovative and attention grabbing.
Week #3:  The Mission Statement
  • Why not make your vision statement your mission statement, and the 3 main ways people mess up when writing a mission statement.
  • Answering the question:  so why will customers and clients want to buy my product or service anyway?
  • How to write a mission statement that is succinct, clear, and decisive.
Week#4:  Above And Beyond
  • Next steps to take once your vision and mission statement is completed.
  • How to hit a bull’s-eye, every time, with your niche market.
  • Incubation and birthing.

Course Schedule

Dates And Times

4 calls over 4 weeks:  1 hour each

  • Class 1:  February 14 @ 3pm EST
  • Class 2:  February 21 @ 3pm EST
  • Class 3:  February 28  @ 3pm EST
  • Class 4:  March 7 @ 3pm EST
What Is A Teleseminar?

Instead of having to book a flight, hire a babysitter, take off from work, find a place to sleep, rent a car, and schlep through airport security to attend a seminar, you simply dial-in to the teleseminar phone number at the scheduled time, all from the comfort of your own home or office.  You’ll join your fellow participants and the seminar leader (that would be me) on the phone call. 

What If I Miss A Class?

No worries.  All classes are recorded and audio archives are made available soon after the class.  You can stream the class, download, and even toss it onto your iPod for on-the-go learning. 

Alright Susan, How Much?

This course could cost a ton.  I’ve seen branding companies hawk this course for upwards of $2000.  That’s just crazy!

This course:  4 weeks, 4 sessions, a lifetime anytime/anywhere access is going to be $199 once the early bird registration is over.  Though, until then you can get this course for 50% off.


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More Raves

“Susan is a real inspiration.  She is very intuitive and delightful.  Working with her is absolutely a joyful experience.  Time spent with Susan was absolutely beyond my expectation.”

Karin Guan, Owner, Miami Consulting Group for International Training, Inc., Miami, FL.

“I enjoy your method and your enthusiasm!”

Dana Weekley, www.blandtobliss.com., Princeton, NJ.

Still Not Convinced?  Let’s Look At Your Objections One-By-One:

Ridiculous Excuse #1:  “Branding is just a fad.”

Well that’s a thought that flies in the face of about a gazillion marketing and branding experts out there.  Branding is not a fad.  It is not something that is going to go away.  In fact, branding is at the forefront, leading-edge of product development and client services today. 

Ridiculous Excuse #2:  “I don’t know where to start.”

Nonsense!  That’s why I developed this course:  to help folks jump past the mixed messages and confusion and get started right away creating a vision and mission statement that speaks to the heart of their business in an easy and effective manner.

Ridiculous Excuse #3:  “I don’t have time to take this course; I'll get around to it later.”

Let’s be real--time is not the issue, your priorities are.  So, what could be more important than growing your company?  If not now, when?  Besides, I have made this very easy for you . . . there will be audio recordings available, anytime/anywhere if you miss a class or two.  In fact, it is entirely possible for you to enroll for this teleseminar, miss all the classes, listen to them via the handy-dandy audio, and write a perfectly great vision and mission statement by the end of the course. 

Ridiculous Excuse #4:  “I can find templates for vision and mission statements on Google for free.”

And yet you haven’t . . . hmmmmmmm . . . or you have and they didn’t work.  Maybe that is a ridiculous excuse after all ;)  If you think you can find all the information on Google and think the hours you’ll spend researching how to write great vision and mission statements, and what pitfalls and mistakes you need to avoid time and cost effective, then go for it!  Go to Google now and try to find the material you’ll learn in this course in the mere four hours you’ll spend actually in this course.

Or . . . and I think this is the best part . . . you can just relax, enroll in the course, and know that your satisfaction is guaranteed!

100% Risk-Free, Stress-Free, No-Surprises Guarantee

This teleseminar has a no-questions asked 60-day money back guarantee.  If you decide, for whatever reason, that this teleseminar is just not right for you, just email me within 60 days and I’ll buy it back from you.  That’s right folks.  That’s 60 days--2 full months--to take this teleseminar for a test drive with absolutely no risk to you.  If you don’t immediately find the content useful, compelling and applicable, then I haven’t done my job, and you deserve to get your money back!

Enroll now--worry free!

Stop Stopping.  Start Starting.

Let’s get going . . . stop a-wastin' time.  Other small businesses already have their vision and mission statements in place and are reaping the rewards of bull’s-eye attraction marketing--don't get left in the dust.  Don’t wait one more minute to position and promote your business as the leader in your industry.  Click now!

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Access To The Content Forever.

Almost forgot!  You can count on anytime, anywhere, always-on access to this course.  You have lifetime access to the course materials, forever.  Miss a class?  Download the audio.  Can’t find the notes you saved on your laptop?  Grab the .pdf on-line.  And, if I ever take the content off-line, I will offer you a CD of the archived content for free!

Take The Teleclass Seminar Again For Free

Feel free to repeat this class as many times as you want.  Free.  Forever.  Solidify your learning by experiencing the content again, at another new level, with another group of people.  When you enroll in a class with me, you are a lifetime member.

Here’s What You Get

  • 4 live calls that take you from what?-to-wow!
  • Archived recordings of the calls to listen to at home, stream on a laptop, or download to an iPod.
  • An interactive, on-line learning space with lots of great folks, just like you, to support your learning and cheer you on.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to course materials--forever!
  • Free registration in future runs of this course.
  • 60-day money back guarantee, for real!
This course is important for your success as a small business owner, and I'm excited to begin working with you on your vision and mission statements now!

Susan L. Reid, MS, DMA
In the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

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One More Rave

 “I had amazing shifts that happened in a short period of time.  I now have tools to take me forward with confidence, and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be making a 6 figure income by the end of this year.”

Judy Basso, JB Events and Decor, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

P.S.  You’re Still Reading?  Reader’s Digest Version:  Learn how to write a fantastic vision and mission statement.  Hit the bull’s-eye with your niche market.  Take the course again anytime, anywhere.  Full guarantee.  Click here to purchase now.

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