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5 quick steps for instant access to your Inner Samurai

Successful small business coach, consultant and award-winning author of “The Secret for business" says the key for building business success for women is to "build your business from the inside out." From a place inside that women intuitively know and understand. From your Inner Samurai.

“This is the place where success is born, where success lives, and where success thrives,” explains Dr. Susan L. Reid, award-winning author of Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Journey to Business Success. “The more successful you are at tapping into your Inner Samurai, the more satisfying and successful a business you will have.”

Reid offers the following tips for tapping into your Inner Samurai:

  1. Notice when your canoe is pointed upstream — when you are pushing for an outcome, struggling to get things done, feeling off your game, out of sync, frustrated, confused, or exhausted from running into walls. These are the telltale signs of being out of alignment with your Inner Samurai and warning bells that you need to change direction — fast!

  2. Immediately stop whatever you are doing and focus inside your body. Remove yourself from outside stimuli by following the inflow and outflow of your breath, expanding deeper and more fully into your body. This will quiet the voice inside your head and prepare you to connect with your Inner Samurai.

  3. Ask your Inner Samurai a yes or no question about your current situation. Frame it as: Is this in my highest good and for my greatest wellbeing right now? By asking a “now” question you will bypass your rational thought process. You will be able to move inward and reseat yourself in your greatest point of power — the present moment. This is the most advantageous position for you to take action.

  4. Never force outcome. Wait for a yes or no pulse from your Inner Samurai. Do not be distracted by the familiar voice inside your head that rationalizes, explains, comes up will all kinds of excuses, and chatters. Form a partnership with your Inner Samurai and summon effortless and inspired action from within.

  5. Make no excuses. Take immediate action. Once you feel the yes or no pulse of your Inner Samurai, get the momentum moving. Have the courage and conviction to take a step in the direction of your inner knowing.

These tips and more are available in Dr. Reid's book.

Successful business coach and consultant Dr. Susan L. Reid has written "The Secret for business." Her award-winning book, Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Journey to Business Success gives today’s entrepreneurial businesswoman helpful, practical, and relevant tips on how to build a successful business from the inside out.

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CONTACT: Susan L. Reid, 540-289-7206, Susan@InnerSamurai.com
Request review book copies at www.WMEbooks.com or call 877-947-BOOK (2665).

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