Praise for Discovering Your Inner Samurai

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Discovering Your Inner Samurai
The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Journey to Business Success

By Dr. Susan L. Reid

Picture of Discovering Your Inner SamuraiDr. Susan Reid uncovers the truth to starting an entrepreneurial business by tapping into your self, or as she calls it your “inner samurai” in her outstanding new book: Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Journey to Business Success.

This book teaches women how to think like a successful entrepreneur and how to uncover the talents and skills needed to make them a winner at business success.

“My book demonstrates how you, too, can instantly access your inner guidance system for success,” Reid says. “It’s what I call your ‘Inner Samurai’.“

More than an inspirational book, Discovering Your Inner Samurai takes women through the ups and downs of starting a new business and helps them traverse the inevitable stumbling blocks of inner doubt and lack of focus.

Reid uses her more than twenty years of experience working with people focused on making a difference in their lives and in the world, to create the tools that enable entrepreneurial women to be victorious in their endeavors. Through storytelling, and one-on-one discussions with clients, she explains what works and what doesn’t, and then goes on to demonstrate the how of what works. Reid teaches readers to have confidence in their knowledge and intuition to guide them along the path to success, using universal concepts of thinking positive and creating a business out of doing what you truly have a passion for.

Review by Holly Buchanan, Author of The Soccer Mom Myth

Have you ever been sad to read the last page of a book? That's how I felt after finishing Discovering Your Inner Samurai. I felt like we'd been having this great conversation and I didn't want it to end.

Women entrepreneurs face many of the same challenges men do, but there are also extra hurdles women sometimes have to overcome. Very often, the answers we need lie within ourselves, but we don't trust that knowing voice, that Inner Samurai.

Susan Reid takes you along her journey, as well as the journey of other women entrepreneurs. Not only is this a wonderful "how to" book, it also offers the support and encouragement we women entrepreneurs so desperately need.

It's nice in world where so many of those around us say, "you can't" to hear someone say, "You can."

Review by F. Muzetta Swann, Executive Director, Willow Oak Center for Arts and Learning

Susan addresses the practical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects women face as entrepreneurs. Her own courage to step out of tradition and "follow her heart" is inspiring. This is a must read for anyone wanting to follow a dream and start a business! You won't be able to stop reading until the end!!

Review by Francis D. Tuggle, PhD, Dean of the George Argyros School of Business and Economics, Chapman University

In my work as college professor, business school dean (three times), and management consultant, I read a lot of business books. Dr. Reid's book is terrific! It's an easy read with lots of compelling examples of her ideas at work. Although aimed specifically at women, it's equally important to us men — at least those of us who want to get our heads screwed on straight. There are ideas in this book that I keep coming back to — having read it carefully; I now use it for reference purposes.

Review by Carol McClellend, PhD, Entrepreneur and author of Dream Career for Dummies

I've been an entrepreneur since 1991. In the intervening sixteen years I've read a number of books about running my own business. None has struck me as deeply as Susan L. Reid's book.

Susan's descriptions, ideas, and client stories are engaging and draw you inward to your own inner voice that becomes such a powerful business partner when you know you can trust its message.

Although written for the new or inspiring entrepreneur, I found plenty of powerful tidbits sprinkled throughout the book. Even when I could nod my head in agreement during a particular passage or chapter, there was always a nugget of insight, a stunning new perspective that gave me a new way to be in relationship with my own business.

Taken together, the nuggets I gained from Susan's book, help me stay in a natural, productive flow with my business success. The anxiety, fear, and frustration drop away as I focus inward and listen.

Review by James T. Horan, Entrepreneur and author of The One Page Business Plan Series

Business is first and foremost about people. Customers, employees, and investors are people . . . and so are you. There are thousands of books about the strategies and mechanics of business, this book is about you, the entrepreneur/business owner . . . and helping you understand you as a businessperson! This book will help you remove the self-imposed barriers and blockages that are holding you back from building the business you know you can . . . and want to build! This book should be required reading for everyone in business!

Review by Jordan Adler, Network Marketing and Real Estate Entrepreneur

This book is bursting with the kind of inspiration entrepreneurs search for, day after day. Not a mere how-to book, Discovering Your Inner Samurai will help you focus your energy inward — to find that sense of 'awe' which led you to exploring the world of being an entrepreneur in the first place. 

Readers will learn new terms and tactics, such as “Inner Samurai” and waiting for the “yes” and “no” pulse, before moving forward. It’s a book about discovering that wisdom, understanding and intuition that all women carry deep within, at the center of their being. It will encourage and excite you, while at the same time keep you focused and grounded.

Discovering Your Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Journey to Business Success is published by WMEBooks and is available on their Website at

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